The Entrepreneur Mind Set

You have got to get into the entrepreneur mindset if you want your business to grow. We all get comfortable when business is good and we have a steady income, but that’s not why I decided to become an entrepreneur is it?  I wanted be challenged and push myself beyond the average person just having a steady paycheck.  The dream was to be the best and the biggest, not just a comfy, glorified worker.  In fact, aside from financially, comfortable wasn’t even in the dream.  How come after a few years most of us settle in and forget why we started a business in the first place?  We lose the entrepreneur’s spirit and just become operators.  We don’t take chances anymore and we start playing it safe.  As a business owner it’s not your job, it’s your lifestyle.  Remember how it felt to put a plan together and grind it out until you made that first dollar, then streamlining the idea and pushing further until you broke even? Don’t you miss it?  If you don’t you were probably we never a “real  entrepreneur“, you were just an operator.  But if you do remember what it felt like and want to feel it again, walk with me, talk with me and let’s get back to that.  Let’s get back to waking up in morning ready to go, excited to take on new challenges and try new ideas.

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