Money Follows Attention & Shot Gun Marketing

First you get their attention then you get their business.  Money follows attention every time.  Why do companies pay millions for a 30 second super bowl commercial?  It’s simple, they want your attention.  Why?  It’s not just because they want you to know who they are, they want you to spend money with them.  The companies that get your attention stay on your mind and when you need a product you can’t help but look for the companies that managed to steal your attention for a few seconds.

If you are working with a limited advertising budget you have to pin point who’s attention you are trying to get because it costs money blast a message out to everyone.  A super bowl commercial is like shooting at a target with a shot gun hoping to hit the bull’s eye.  You’re shooting a message out to 30 million people hoping you hit enough people to cover the costs of the ad.  Placing a True View ad on specific Youtube videos is like shooting at a target with a sniper rifle.  You have a better chance of hitting the mark.  Refine your target audience, figure out where they are on the web and put your message in front of them.

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