Transition From Instagram Model to Paid Model

Social media has leveled the playing field for artists of all types so you no longer need a big company to help you get you career started.  I work with models all the time and some of them have what it takes to compete for high end jobs.  But here is the problem,  you will never even know these high end jobs exist if you are not in the loop.  Most of the time even the small modeling agencies don’t know when these jobs are coming up.  Honestly though, that’s not where the money is for most models.  For most models the money is in hosting events like the major car shows, print ads for catalogs, conventions and promotional events for corporations.  Now, since you have hundreds of pictures on Instagram, how do you transition from Instagram model to paid model?

A lot of the hoops that the upper level modeling agencies make you go through are to test your dedication and your work ethic.  You have to admit it, most artists are flakes and dreamers.  For the most part they don’t do anything, and if they do, they rarely follow through with it.  As soon as the actual work shows up they’re off chasing the next dream.

Here’s how you have to make the transition to paid modeling.  First you have to remember that you will be representing someone else’s business or product so your pictures should be diverse.  Unless you only want to do hostings at sleezy night clubs and tattoo conventions you have to learn to hide most of those tattoos and put some clothes on.  Try a business suit, casual wear with accessories and some fashionable athletic apparel because that’s what companies with real money are looking for.  I know these pictures may disappoint your Instagram fans but how much are they paying you anyway?

Second, you have to make a list of all the companies that you want to work for and start reaching out to see if you can get them to notify you if they have any upcoming work or better yet find out who runs their marketing department so you can send them your comp cards, Instagram links and whatever videos you may have.  Try to build a relationship, if they like your look believe me they will keep your information and send you an email when they are putting their ad campaigns in motion.  This tactic is much more effective long term than becoming a video vixen or getting featured in men’s magazines. There are only 20 big name artists and maybe 30 national men’s magazines but there are tens of thousands of companies that use paid talent for marketing and they usually pay better and more consistently.

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