When and When Not to Use YouTube

I get the question a lot, about when someone should move their video from YouTube to their own servers. Of course there are different answers for every business but most often the answer is now. The problem I have with YouTube is videos are expensive to produce and if you are using YouTube to archive your expensive videos you stand to lose a lot if your account is deleted. I’ve been using YouTube since 2005 and I’ve had my account deleted at least twice. Both times I lost videos that I will never get back. So I caution anyone against putting so much faith in a third-party platform, be it YouTube, Facebook or Google because at any time they can cause you to lose a lot of money.

Of course everyone doesn’t get their account deleted but there’s a second problem that I have with YouTube. If I have a marketing video or I’m selling a training course do I really want the competition advertising and front of my presentation? I don’t think so. I don’t know what the statistics are but I can guarantee you that it’s hard enough to get someone to watch your videos. Especially if they have to watch a pre-roll video. At least 30% of your people won’t make it. If you also need them to go to a sales page or click a link in the body to get more information they have so many choices in the sidebar and at the end of the video that the odds are that you won’t be getting the click-thru.

To me it’s really simple. If I want to have a meeting with someone I wouldn’t choose to hold it at a crowded location I would prefer to have my meeting in a quiet office, where there are less distractions and the person is more likely to pay attention to what I am trying to tell them or sell to them.

Don’t get me wrong there are times when YouTube is the best place to post your videos. The best possible reason is when you don’t have the money to host your own videos. If given the choice to have videos hosted on YouTube or to not have any videos, YouTube is the obvious choice. There is also the increased chance of discovery on YouTube. They get millions and millions of visitors every single day and for free they give you the opportunity to dip your bucket in their river of traffic. I like that and that’s actually how I got my start. So when I say YouTube is not always the best place to to post your videos I’m not saying that because I have a problem with them per se, I’m just saying that you have to do was best for your business and you have to weigh the discovery factor against all the chatter.

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